Visual Astronomy is often the art and science of seeing gray on black. Not that there isn't color, but the first step is to learn how to see...

Wes's Astronomy Offerings
SKYTOUR Astronomy Hypertext (started in 1995, still mostly functional)
Online Observing Log (More Adventures with 10" Dob!)
Sketch Gallery organized by object type
Major Meteor Showers in 2024 (NEW!)
Comet Observations (Documentation for the AL Comet Club Award)
Accessory Mini-Reviews
Pictures of my 10" Dob

Essays on Amateur Astronomy
Golden State Star Party 2022 (NEW!)
Oregon Star Party 2019
Oregon Star Party 2015
Oregon Star Party 2014
Oregon Star Party 2013
Oregon Star Party 2012
Oregon Star Party 2010
Oregon Star Party 2009
Oregon Star Party 2008
Oregon Star Party 2007
Comet McNaught from the Oregon Coast
2006 Orionid Meteor Shower Surprise!
Oregon Star Party 2006
Oregon Star Party 2005
Oregon Star Party 2004
Indian Trail Spring 2003
Oregon Star Party 2003
Quest for the Horsehead
Oregon Star Party 2002 
Complex Atmospheric Halo Display of 2002 June 3 (with PHOTOS!)
Six Planets and the Moon
The 2001 Leonids from Oregon
Coping with the Scope of Death
The Last Nights of Summer
Astronomy Report from my 1997/98 Vacation
The Comet Hale-Bopp Scrapbook
The Hyakutake Compendium
Overlooked Globular Clusters
My Messier Marathon Adventure (1996)
My Attempt to Explain Celestial Measurements
Comets: 3 for the Price of 1
So You Bought a Small Telescope...
Amateur Astronomy as a Deterrent to Suicide
Bad Weather
Astronomy Curriculum Proposal
The Five Minute Tour of the Universe
Twilight Viewing of Planets
Total Lunar Eclipse
Pisces to Arcturus
Two Poems Inspired by Daylight Sightings of Venus

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