Amateur Astronomy Hypertext by Wes Stone

*Skytour is a hypertext aimed at beginning amateur astronomers who are interested in viewing celestial objects with binoculars and/or a telescope. It includes descriptions, sketches, CCD Images, and databases of visible objects.*

This hypertext is part of a mass of information that I have generated/collected over my life as an amateur astronomer. The hypertext portion was initiated three years ago, before I knew about the World Wide Web, and once I was enlightened an on-line version seemed inevitable.


Link Note: Occasionally, when providing information about a piece of equipment, I have made a link to a section of the Sky Publishing Catalog. I have done this to show users the variety of products on the market. I have been a satisfied customer of Sky Publishing in the past, but have no connection with them except that I think it's great they put their catalog on the Web.

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Released 1/8/96.

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